Beyond Raw LIT “Gummy Worm” flavor Review


The reason I am writing this review is to help other people like myself to be able to gather enough information in order for them to make a decision of whether they want to buy a product or not. My fitness goal is to make a gradual increase in muscle as I am building lean muscle.

Ingredient Profile

Creatine (1.5g)- Helps muscles to make and circulate ATP which is the energy for quick and intense activity
Ancient Peat Apple Extract (150mg)- Supports ATP
Caffeine (250 mg)- Equivalent to amount of caffeine in about 2.5 cups of coffee
L-Citrulline (3g)- Amino acid that supports nitric oxide production
Nitrosigine (1.5g)- Increases plasma arginine levels (Arginine- Amino acid that supports blood vessel tone)
Beta Alanine Carnosyn (3.2g)- Delays fatigue and creates a slight tingly feeling on your skin


The Blue Raspberry is a very good tasting flavor. It is almost like having a liquid blue ICEE! The dosage is 1 scoop (13.76g). One thing that stood out to me about this pre-workout was the fact that it has 3.2 grams of beta alanine per serving. This is almost twice of what a majority of pre-workouts use in their dosage. I am a big fan of this because it will help delay your fatigue even more! You should take this pre-workout about 20-30 minutes before you start your workout.


It takes about 30 minutes to start feeling your body “tingle” from the beta alanine. This is very minor and the benefit of feeling less fatigued throughout your workout far outweighs a minor tingle. Less fatigue means you can get more sets in! While taking Lit I was nowhere near as tired during my normal workout as when I was not taking any pre-workout. I even added 3 more sets of different lifts to my routine! Along with the beta-alanine, you can really feel the creatine working because your muscles aren’t so gassed as soon as you finish a set. I took this on an off for a month to see if it was actually the pre-workout making my workouts easier or if it was all in my head. I concluded that it was not all in my head because when I went off of Lit my reps decreased and my fatigue came quicker. I noticed a large increase in strength while taking Lit because I was able to do more sets as well as be able to pump out my sets easier so I would gradually increase the weights. Obviously, if you are increasing weights you are increasing strength! As for focus, I didn’t really notice a giant change but I did notice that time seemed to fly by when I was working out.


The price was $39.99 for 30 servings ($1.33/serving). This is definitely on the pricier side of pre-workouts. But, it makes sense that it is more because what’s unique about it is the amount of beta alanine in it along with the fact that it contains nitrosigine. Although it is a little more pricey I would say it is worth the money because the results were there!

Side Effects

Minor tingling from Beta Alanine as well as taking more than what is suggested can lead to nauseousness and really fast heartbeat during a workout. Also, do not take this if you workout at night because it has 250mg of caffeine and will make it hard for you to sleep.


There are very few pre-workouts that surpass Beyond Raw Lit. The taste is excellent along with the overall effectiveness. Some pre-workouts have incorrect dosages so you will not feel anything during your workout but with Lit you feel great throughout your entire workout. Overall this is a very good pre-workout with a lot of quality ingredients that make it a one-of-a-kind. I strongly recommend!
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Author: Nick Linkogle

Hello, My Name is Nick Linkogle Founder of Health N Fitness and I've been educating myself in the Nutritionist and Fitness industry to help benefit people that are like-minded.

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